Tours on the Isla Margarita:

The “Pearl of the Caribbean” is divided into two sections tenuously linked by a 24 km sand spit which separates the sea from the fascinating Restinga Lagoon. The western part of the island is a desert where you will find a xerophytes vegetation and beautiful breathtaking virgin beaches. In total contrast is the tropical flora of the eastern part containing 95% of the population (450.000) and towns. There are over 90 named towns and villages from picturesque fishing villages to beautiful colonial neighborhoods.

Following Tours we offer to our guests:

- Visiting shell-laden virgin beaches in Macanao.

- Trekking in the dessert of Macanao or to the tropical mountains of San Juan.

- Island Tour discovering the colonial places of the Island, the most famous beaches, typical market place…

- Horseback ridding on the beach.

- Kayak day tour through the mangroves of the national park La Restinga.

- Boat day tour to the perl island Cubagua.

Tours to the famous Icons of Venezuela:

We organize your personalized tailored Dream Tour and take you to the world famous icons of Venezuela (optional personal guide) like

Angel Fall in the National Park Canaima & Orinoco Delta,

Los Llanos & hiking in the Ands

Roraima, hiking to the top of the mother of all Tepui mountains.


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